How Brands are Growing 6 and 7 Figure Ecommerce Brands with Micro Influencers

Increase Your Sales with Micro Influencers

Do you own your own brand? Then this is for you. 

Hi my name is kris Kelly and I have been doing business online since 2002, I run multiple 6 and 7 figure ecommerce stores. My secret to growing each one of these ecommerce stores has always been using micro influencers.

I have been doing this since the beginning and have a team who are contacting hundreds of influencers daily in various markets. over the years we have built a massive list of thousands of high quality micro influencers who continue to bring us results and help me grow my ecommerce stores.

We now have so many that i though why not share this with others, you see I really love helping others and seeing someone else have success with their business and i always wondered how i could help, then one day i was thought why not help others with the same thing that has made me successful in all my ecommerce store.

So that is why i created brand profits, to help you grow your brand. anyways enough about me, let me go over the packages we offer


Choose Your Micro Influencer Campaign

Note* we only work with brands / Private Label offering a quality physical product to consumers. 


10 Micro Influencers

Send your product to 10 niche influencers.

$60/ each

30 Micro Influencers

Send your product to 30 niche influencers.

$55/ each

50 Micro Influencers

Send your product to 50 niche influencers.

$50/ each

100 Micro Influencers

Send your product to 100 niche influencers.

$40/ each

Sucess Stories

We have taken our brand from 6 figures to 7 figures in 8 short months with the help of brand profits and micro influencers. Thank you so much.
Christian C
We have been using Brand Profts for 3 years now and each time we launch a new product we setup a micro influencer campaign, the benefit is the content all the influencers create we use in our marketing campaigns.
This is a no brainier, we used to do this ourselves but it is extremely time consuming, so i love that fact that with brand profits we can select the campaign we want to run and it gets done.
I have been doing PPC and setup a new brand and wanted to see how beneficial it was using influencers, so I took one of our new stores and only did influencer marketing to see the benefits, and within 10 months (we only did the 10 influencers per month) the store has gone from $0 tp 6 figures. We will be increasing our campaigns and applying to all of our other brands.
Mike Ohearn
Amazon FBA seller here, I only been selling on Amazon and we use these influencer campaigns to drive sales to our amazon listings, it works and it is by far our best marketing tactic.
Aaron Stokes


We have been doing this for years and we only work with high quality micro influencers who are also serious about their business. Your products will only be sent to high quality influencers. 

Yes we agree, in all honesty we tried outsourcing this in the past to a company who could send out products to mirco influencers but their prices were absurd, we could see there was no reason to have the prices to high, the lowest we found was $250 per influencer and you had to commit to a contract, we know this is way out of reach for many. There is no reason the prices should be this high, plus after doing this for years we have the perfect system that allows us to keep our costs down. 

We work with Youtubers, Instagrammers and Tiktoker’s. Once you signup for your first campaign we will contact you and go over what percentage you want to do for each, we can also provide guidance based on your product if you need help.  In general we like to send 40% youtube, 30% instagram, 30% tiktokers. 

Yes once you sign up we will provide you with an account rep who will work with you on your campaign priorities and keeping you updated on the progress of the campaign. Each time an influencer posts your product we will notify you.  We will take care of everything. 🙂

We currently work with Micro Influencers in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German. 

Once you sign up, you can also choose to send products to mixed languages, for example if you bought the 50 campaign, you could send 20 to english influencers, 10 to spanish influencers, 10 to italian influencers, 10 to french influencers. You will be able to set this up with your account rep. 

We do provide a guarantee that you will be happy with each micro influencers post or we will find another influencer for you at no cost. 

After setting up your campaign you will only be responsible for sending the products to the influencers.